Real Estate Community Housing

What Is It?

Real estate community housing is a composed term, so for better understanding lets separate it, real estate is a place that is compromised land in which fauna, flora, rivers, buildings, etc. are part of this.Community housing it’s an option for living in a long-term housing given by a community housing organization, in other words it is place you rent and, depending on the organization of which the house is,the bathrooms, laundry and other facilities must be shared.


The real estate of the community housing is owned by a community organization. These organizationsmostly are not-for-profit, the government helps them with loans, grants or the present operational funding so that they can keep the house in good condition and give the facilities of it the necessary equipment (washing machine for the laundry, pans and kitchen equipment for the kitchen, etc.)

Community, public and affordable housing

For starters none of them are the same but they are based over the same idea. Talking about community housing, as we saw earlier, it is a house that a community organization gives up in rent to tenants with low to mid income value, as being part of a community organization where money depends on loans and grants. The funding for these houses are low and sometimes really low and because of that many of them got separate bedrooms but the facilities are shared with the other tenants.

Talking about public housing, it is another way of renting but it is controlled by the government itself with usually aiming at affordable housing for people with low or mid income families and also it lets the lenders of the house to turn down the mortgage from the normal 20% down to 3.5% so you can build up the house so it can be rented at good conditions including each room with the facilities needed (laundry, kitchen, bathroom, etc.). In the public housing the lenders sometimes work with community organizations controlled by the government.

The payment

The thing that nobody likes to hear, the payment in this case helps the tenants of the house (based in low to mid income tenants) in two ways, looking at the rent of the nearby rented houses or the market rent for that particular property, it is decided for whichever is lower in costs. Viewing the market rent, which is the private rental household in the rental market, tenants have to pay the amount of money it is asked for the similar households in the nearby area.


The majority of tenants pay an amount of 74.5% to 75% of the market rent depending on the condition of the house or any other differences the house has in the nearby housing market.

Application and selection

It is not a matter of just wanting to be in a community housing or public housing or any other type of housing. You got to go to a community housing organization and they will ask to fill a form in which you have to detail all the info they ask to you. You do not fill this for they give you an instant reply, you apply and wait for it being evaluated so that you, after passing the selection process get positioned in one of the options you select.

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